Violeta Misic

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Violeta is a registered yoga teacher, MBWY and a Licensed Acupuncturist, MBAcC. She graduated with a distinction from Triyoga Teacher Training in 2011 and has BSc Honours degree in Chinese Medicine Acupuncture from the University of Westminster. Violeta has over 20 years of experience in physical training and postural awareness. During the five years of professional education with top UK physical theatre schools, at the age of 19 she was introduced to Pilates, yoga and Postural Stretching, a technique developed by Jean-Pierre Moreau. Whilst living in Vienna in 2006 she began Pilates Instructor Training in the world’s renown School of Romana Krizanowska, the oldest living descendant of Joseph Pilates.

Her expertise in combining yoga and core stability training is helping her clients to develop a strong posture and flexible body required for a healthy living. She focuses on the correct alignment and breathing techniques, and her classes are adapted to all levels. Her approach is open and fun.
Violeta is teaching at Camden Physiotherapy and Pilates Clinics, Laboratory Spa & Health Club and the University of Westminster.