Office Food Assessment

eating at workOffice Food Assessment 

Would you and your team like some help and inspiration getting some good quality foods and snacks in the office? Food is one of the indispensable fuels for your body and brain and the quality of the fuel does affect the performance of your engine.

BeeWellness can bring a nutritional therapist to your work space to assess what goes on the trolley and in the canteen!. The  nutritional therapist will make recommendations for snacks and drinks offered by the company and help sourcing them.

We also like to bring the boss on board and look at her/his eating patterns around work.

The idea is for the staff to feel their boss cares and the boss to feel supported too. Then we discuss the habits of the team as whole (eating at the desk, time available, hours…) and how we can support the staff with better food choices. We would suggest introducing some new beneficial ‘infectious behaviours’.

For example, if we are surrounded by others drinking green tea and eating pumpkin seeds and almonds, we are more likely to do these ourselves. And our expert will explain why it makes sense to embark in the proposed new food choices. Sometimes just knowing the impact an oat cake might have on your concentration and cravings compared to half a packet of Digestives can make a huge difference!

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