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BeeWellness has created a series of on-site workshops and assessments that bring Wellness and Health awareness to the workplace. They are designed by our specialists to be interactive and hands-on while providing you with practical tips and tools to self-manage your energy levels and wellness.

You can either book each workshop individually or as a tailor made package to suit your company´s needs or events.

This workshop starts with a 45 min presentation which gets straight to the point, transferring valuable and practical nutritional information to the group in a short space of time. The second part of the workshop is dedicated to Q& A from the group and there will be also time for individual consultations with our nutritonal therapist. In these sessions you can ask specific questions about your own eating habits and health concerns, or discuss how dietary change could support you in your sleep, your physical training or addressing diagnosed medical conditions. Click here for more detailed information about the topics we cover and what is included in this package

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Staff often say they find the information from the BeeWellness Nutri Talks enlightening, but after the talks would like better access to the right food and drinks on site in the workplace. We can bring our nutritional expert to assess the food and drinks available in the company meeting room, trolley, café or restaurant and produce a document with novel, well-researched and evidenced, delicious food and drinks to put in place so staff can eat the right way for their health.

If we are surrounded by others drinking green tea and eating pumpkin seeds and almonds, we are more likely to do these ourselves. And our expert will explain why it makes sense to embark in the proposed new food choices. Sometimes just knowing the impact an oat cake might have on your concentration and cravings compared to half a packet of Digestives can make a huge difference!

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The BeeWellness coaches are degree-trained in Nutritional Therapy and look at each client individually in a holistic way. They will help you understand the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you and how to implement the changes to sustain positive results in your energy level and vitality over time.

These sessions can be booked as part of the Office &Snack Revamp Assessment for the whole office, after our popular BeeWellness Nutri workshops or as one-to-one private sessions

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