Why BeeWellness

BeeWellness is all about personalised health support. We provide individual or combined key therapies to optimise all dimensions of your wellness and health.

We believe in the benefits of an integrative and multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness that makes use of traditional, experiential and evidence based knowledge in equal manner. We see ourselves as facilitators of your wellness, motivating and supporting the unfolding of your inner vitality and healing potential.

All Beewellness complementary and alternative practitioners are:

  • University trained graduates undergoing continual professional development
  • Accredited with relevant professional bodies and fully-insured
  • Science-based training alongside traditional approaches

7 good reasons to choose BeeWellness

  • we work as a team to offer bespoke treatments and competitive fees
  • we believe in integrative and collaborative healthcare and happy to work with your GP too!
  • we practice empathy: we listen and support
  • we are non-judgmental: we provide a safe and confidential space for you to share your concerns
  • we provide you with clear information of what is right for you and your health according to your goals and current personal circumstances
  • we provide you with your bespoke evidence-informed programme with the recommendations that we have agreed in partnership with you
  • you get all the guidance, motivation and practical support in your journey to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness and health

Call us on 07866052318 for an informal chat or email us at info@beewellness.com with your questions

If you want to Book Now, please fill in and submit this Booking Form. We will contact you to arrange an appointment for your requested therapy.
BeeWellness can design a bespoke integrative package for you.