How do I book and how do I cancel?
Booking with us is easy. Fill out the attached Booking Form & HealthChecklist. Forward it to us by email with your preferred appointment date and time. We will then contact you with details of availability.
How long are the consultations?
Consultations can last from 30 minutes (massage) to 90 minutes (nutrition or herbal therapy) depending on the therapy.
Can I have a weekend appointment?
Yes, weekend appointments are available.
Will the treatment interfere with medication?
BeeWellness treatments are chosen to avoid interaction with any current medication you might have been given by your doctor.
The BeeWellness approach is not a replacement for medical treatment. As a result of your consultation, we may advise you to visit your GP or discuss any condition or issues that may need further investigation. We will always discuss this with you where necessary. If you are taking medication, please do not stop or change the dose without first consulting your GP.
Can I purchase blocks of treatments?
Yes, some treatments such as acupuncture, massage or nutritional therapy can be purchased in advance at a discounted rate. Package prices will be available on request and seasonal promotions advertised on our blog on a regular basis. Join our Blog or visit Offers section
How do you decide which therapies are best suited to my needs?
Our treatment interventions and bespoke plans are evidenced informed. Our expertise is based on published research and clinical experience.
When will I see results?
If your condition is acute you may experience some immediate relief of symptoms. More chronic conditions require a longer course of treatment before results are apparent.
What is included in the fees?
Developing a bespoke programme with evidence-informed recommendations that are safe and effective for you requires dedicated time to research. Practitioner´s fees reflect the time spent researching your health concerns prior to your first and follow up consultations. They also include the interpretation of tests results (if applied). They exclude any supplements, herbal remedies and/or tests we might recommend. Full details of these will always be discussed at your consultation.