Other Services

BeeWellness talks around the kitchen table
These are educational talks around the kitchen table. The presenter introduces the subject in an informal and interactive way and participants are encouraged to share their experiences about health, food and cooking. They take around 1 hour-1.5 hrs, depending on the group and number of questions. Healthy snacks can be arranged for an extra charge. Some of the talks we have created:

  • Preventive medicine: Nutrition for the promotion of natural fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Natural approaches to menopause
  • Healthy eating and lifestyle tips for people diagnosed with cancer
  • The use of medicinal mushrooms alongside conventional cancer treatment

Bee Wellness Kitchen Detective
Do you want to know if what you have in your cupboards is the best option for you? Our nutritional coach will explain what food and cooking options are best for you. Together you will create a BeeWellness kitchen and pantry with foods that will nourish and support your health and wellbeing. You will also learn about how to read labels and discover what they don’t say! (occult ingredients)

BeeWellness Shopping trips
Good news! Eating healthy on a budget is possible. Eat seasonal and locally, make the best of your local food suppliers, learn how to plan your weekly meals and pack lunches for the family or just yourself!

BeeWellness Cookery classes
Learn to plan and cook healthy meals at the convenience of your own home. The class mixes learning the basis of nutrition and healthy eating with practical cookery. At the end of the class you sit down to enjoy the delicious fruits of your work. Specially useful if you need to cook without (gluten, grains,dairy, sugar…), if you are trying to lose weight, if you are a busy mum/professional always on the go!.