What to expect

Initial Assessment – Free of charge
If you are not sure if BW Nutritional Therapy is for you or you don’t know what type of consultation will be most suited to your current needs. Contact us with your questions.

Functional Nutrition Consultation: addressing the underlying factors of your symptoms/condition
Before your first consultation you will be asked to complete a Health Questionnaire. It will help us to identify your nutritional needs as well as other signs of potential chronic disease. Don’t worry if you can’t answer all of the questions nor are not sure what to put. At your consultation, we will go through your questionnaire together, look through your diet and look in more depth at the factors that may be contributing to your health situation. Other assessments may include anthropometric measurements, physical examination and laboratory tests. This initial assessment also provides the basis for a referral to a licensed physician or other healthcare practitioner, if required.

Following our discussion and assessments, we will explain what we think is happening with you and then suggest a program with detailed dietary and lifestyle recommendations for you to follow. We will help you to integrate the recommendations into your life, making it realistic and achievable. We will give you basic dietary recommendations at this first appointment such as meal ideas, recipes, shopping lists, etc. and may also suggest some laboratory test and/or initial supplementation. Shortly after the consultation, you will receive by email your personalised programme, so you won’t need to remember details or take notes.

After the initial consultation, it is the time for you to put it all into practice!
Nutritional therapy isn’t a magic, one-pill-fits-all-solution. Sometimes simple recommendation can trigger dramatic changes. Other times, it may take time for the body to respond and come back into balance. Remember this is about resolving the underlying factors involved and small but steady steps will bring your final destination. Be assured that BeeWellness supports you every step of the way: 4 sessions of email/phone/Skype support are included with the initial consultation. This will be discussed during the consultation.

We suggest that we meet again after 4 or 6 weeks (depending on the case). During these sessions, we will tweak your protocol to tackle other areas in the overall strategy for improving your health. This may mean making further changes to your diet and lifestyle. Most clients require a minimum of 3 or 4 face-to-face coaching sessions but this will depend on your case.

Should you require further laboratory tests or supplementation these will be discussed during your consultation.

Contact us about our fees and what is included

The initial consultation usually last about 90 minutes and follow-up consultation will usually be 30 minutes (they may be longer if required and fees will change accordingly).

Dietary consultation: addressing specific dietary needs
This appointment is a great choice if you have a food related issue (for example diabetic or celiac), want to learn how to eat at work or optimise your food shopping and meal planning. Before your consultation you will be asked to complete a 3-day food and symptom diary and a brief Health Check form that will help us understand your needs. During the consultation we will address your main concerns, review your food journal, health history and lifestyle , and discuss dietary options.

  • During the consultations, you will:
  • Gain knowledge of the rationale behind your practitioner´s food and lifestyle choices
  • Learn about the foods and habits that you would need to take up and which to give up
  • Gain knowledge about different cooking techniques, meal planning and cooking healthy on a budget
  • Optional: A nutritional analysis of your 3-day diary using specialised software can also be performed to gain more accurate information about your possible nutritional deficiencies (or excesses!)

The dietary consultation lasts for an hour. Supplements will not be discussed and/or prescribed. Tests  may be suggested if required

Contact us about our fees and what is included.