Tui Na

What is Tui Na?
Tui Na is a therapeutic massage which is often used in combination with acupuncture. The technique is based on Chinese Medicine theory, Qi flow, meridian channels and acupressure points. The practitioner will use a combination of acupressure, stretches and traditional massage techniques to help relieve tension and stimulation Qi flow.

Will Tui Na massage hurt?
Like deep tissue massage, Tui Na will generally be firmer than traditional Swedish massage. However, please remember to give feed back to your practitioner if you experience any discomfort during or after treatment.

What results can I expect from Tui Na?
Each person experiences different levels of musculoskeletal stress.
One Tui Na session will not relieve longstanding/chronic muscle tension. Tui Na is most effective when used in conjunction with posture, awareness, exercise, relaxation and sometimes acupuncture.