Deep Tissue

What is deep tissue massage?

A remedial massage designed to release tension from muscle, fascia and connective tissue. The treatment addresses pain caused by injuries, bad posture and stress. This treatment is ideal in preparation for sports or recovery and rehabilitation. The massage therapist may use therapeutic oils or wax to help reduce inflammation and stimulate blood circulation. The pressure will vary from light to more intense depending on whether muscular tension is acute or chronic. Some stretches are incorporated to improve muscle elasticity and joint mobility.

Will a deep tissue massage hurt?

The treatment is likely to be stronger than a classic Swedish massage but you should always feel free to give feedback to your therapist regarding the level of the pressure.

Make sure to drink at least two glasses of water after your massage. This will help to hydrate muscle tissue and eliminate lactic acid, reducing post treatment soreness.

What results can I expect from a deep tissue massage?

Each person experiences different levels of musculoskeletal stress.

One deep tissue massage will not relieve longstanding/chronic muscle tension. Deep tissue massage is most effective when used in conjunction with posture, awareness, exercise, relaxation and acupuncture.