The principles of Chinese medicine (CM) Acupuncture date back over two thousand years. This ancient body of knowledge, refined by modern research provides the foundation for our treatment with Chinese medicine/Acupuncture. The CM healthcare system views pain and illness as indicators of the body’s inherent self healing potential being out of balance. The aim of the acupuncturist is to restore equilibrium to the body’s vital energy which in China is called Qi.Acupuncture treatment works by defining your personal symptoms and health and then inserting fine sterile needles into specific points in the body which relate to channels that carry Qi. This unique system of healthcare takes the physical, emotional and mental into consideration, making it a highly effective medicine for the rigors of modern life. The acupuncturist uses subtle diagnostic techniques that have been developed and refined over centuries of clinical practice and research. These techniques allow the acupuncturist to develop a clear and concise understanding of the individual.Beewellness acupuncturists have completed a BSc (Hons) degree in traditional acupuncture which includes substantial training in western medical science, anatomy, physiology and pathology.Beewellness acupuncturists have full medical malpractice and public/product liability insurance.

“What is rooted is easy to nourish.What is recent is easy to correct.
What is brittle is easy to break.
What is small is easy to scatter.

Prevent trouble before it arises.
Put things in order before they exist.
The giant pine tree grows from a tiny sprout.
The journey of a thousand miles starts from beneath your feet “

Lao Tzu, The Tao Te Ching