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dc-8854Bee Wellness has created a series of workshops that bring Wellness and Health awareness to your workplace. They are designed by our specialists to be interactive and hands-on while providing you with practical tips and tools to self-manage your energy levels and wellness.

You can either book each workshop individually or as a tailor made package to suit your company´s needs or events.

This workshop starts with a 45 min presentation which gets straight to the point, transferring valuable and practical nutritional information to the group in a short space of time. The second part of the workshop is dedicated to Q& A from the group and there will also be time for individual consultations with our nutritonal therapist. In these sessions you can ask specific questions about your own eating habits and health concerns, or discuss how dietary change could support you in your sleep, your physical training or addressing diagnosed medical conditions.

The Nutri Lunch talk includes:

  • 45 min presentation by our nutrition specialist. See below for a brief summary of our most popular presentations. If you have one particular subject in mind, do let us know and we can create one presentation that suits your needs
  • Q&A time and individual drop-in nutrition & lifestyle coaching
  • A summary of the presentation in electronic form
  • Hand-outs with practical tips and relevant resources

Optional: We also suggest some options to add-on to the Nutri Lunch Talk. Please contact us for further information and prices of these optional services:

  • our preferred foods &snacks so you can taste them!
  • one-to-one sessions with the Nutritional & Lifestyle Coach. In these sessions you can ask specific questions about your own eating habits and health concerns, or discuss how dietary change could support you in your sleep, your physical training or addressing diagnosed medical conditions.
  • Office Food Assessment: Staff often say they find the information about eating for energy/for shift work/for avoiding weight around the middle/for meetings etc enlightening, but after the talks would like better access to the right food and drinks on site in the workplace. We can bring our nutritional expert to assess the food and drinks available in the company meeting room, trolley, café or restaurant and produce a document with novel, well-researched and evidenced, delicious food and drinks to put in place so staff can eat the right way for their health.

The following are some of our most popular presentations:

Eating for Energy
We all know that we can experience varying levels of energy through the day – full of beans one minute and ready to fall asleep on the computer keyboard shortly after. But we often don’t understand how what we eat and when we eat can impact our energy levels. This presentation explains the basics of a healthy diet – what carbohydrates, proteins and fats are – and how they affect energy production. We also discuss important vitamins and minerals used by the body to deal with stress and produce energy, and how we can ensure what we eat and how we eat helps us achieve our health, work and life goals.

Eating for a refreshing and energising sleep
After the buzz of a hectic day at work, do you need help winding down and getting to sleep at a decent time? This talk focuses on the evening meal and its components and timings and explores some of the latest novel foods to help sleep. This talk works as a good follow up and complement to the ‘Eating for energy’ talk, which focuses on what to eat during the daytime.

Eating for Brain Function
Your brain and central nervous system form a complex and magical network in your body with far-reaching effects – from your mood to your body shape to your memory. In this one hour presentation we’ll discuss how your brain works and how what you eat can affect its function. We’ll talk about what your brain is made of, how it talks to your body (and your body talks to your brain), and what raw materials you need to make the chemicals it needs to function. We’ll talk about how different foods may help improve your memory and concentration, and how you eat to achieve a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Banish that ring around the middle
Worried about increasing weight around the middle of your body? Been told by your GP that this ‘central adiposity’ increases your risks of heart disease and diabetes type II? Raised stress hormones can lead to a particular type of weight gain – around the middle of the body. Sometimes, this weight gain happens to people who aren’t even appearing to be overeating. This talk explains which foods may promote weight gain around the middle, and offers tips on which foods to include and exclude from your diet, plus planning where and when you eat to reduce stress hormones and weight around the middle.

Eating right on the road
Business travellers can often find it challenging to stay energised, manage their weight and guard their immune systems while away from their usual lives. There can be limited access to familiar healthy foods and digestion and absorption of vital nutrients can be affected by the changes in environment and circadian rhythms. This talk explains how to make good food choices from the airport to room service and how to make sure you get the optimum nutrients you need on the move.

Smart meetings
A meeting room or conference stocked with chocolate biscuits, coffee and builders’ tea in the break is probably the least helpful way to get clients, delegates or staff thinking straight. In this meeting we explain:

  • Why these can be counterproductive to a positive meeting or conference.
  • What to offer as alternatives.
  • And what you should expect to see from offering smart snacks and beverages to improve your clients’ or delegates’ focus, concentration and mood.

Nutrition for Sport
With so many of us working in sedentary jobs, including exercise in our leisure time has become particularly important – for fun, for health, and for fitness. But we need to ensure we are fuelling our bodies in the right way to enable us to train and perform at an optimal level, whatever sport or gym activity we’re doing. This presentation examines the three main systems of energy production that we use during exercise, and how our bodies rely on different components of our diet for fuel for those systems. We also discuss the cofactors or added ingredients, we need to make those systems work effectively, and what we need to include in our diet to ensure we are taking enough of the right vitamins and minerals. Finally we discuss the impact of how and when we eat on physical performance.


Health from the Inside Out
‘You are what you eat’ may be a well worn cliché but it’s rooted in truth. Personal experience tells us what foods might cause a teenage-style breakout, or cause us to feel bloated or make the dark circles under our eyes worse. This presentation explores how what’s happening inside our bodies affects how we look on the outside. By exploring basic concepts of digestion we discuss how important it is for us to understand not only how well we absorb essential nutrients, but also how well we get rid of toxins that we don’t want or need. We’ll discuss the nutrients essential for building strong skin, hair and muscle and how some aspects of our diet might be preventing us from preserving and renewing our physical structure.

Healthy eating for shift workers
Managing weight and energy levels is particularly difficult for shift workers. This group often faces challenges sourcing and preparing healthy food due to shift patterns and research shows that satiety hormones are often affected by working nights. This talk, based on latest research into shift workers and nutrition explains how to time meals around night work and what to include in your diet to balance hormones, energy and weight.

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