Postural Awareness

postural awareness 2This is a one-hour workshop designed by our Alexander technique consultant to introduce this practical method and how it can alleviate muscular tension, pain, prevent injury and improve posture. It is a simple yet powerful approach for improving freedom of movement, balance, support and coordination. It encourages individuals to be proactive about one´s learning and healing processes

  • 1 hour active and hands-on workshop
  • groups up to 12 people
  • you don’t remove your clothes and  no special clothing is required
  • teaches effective stretching and strengthening exercises to achieve core stability
  • lessons leave one feeling lighter, freer and more grounded

BeeWellness recommends the intensive Introductory Course (three 45-min sessions in a working week) where you and the teacher will have the opportunity  to assess how quickly you will be able to make progress and practice the different techniques in a way that works for you. By working with individuals in a group setting, our teachers find that they can help far more people than they would with individual lessons.

With the Introductory Course, BeeWellness also provides short one-to-one sessions at the end of the program for those who require further assistance or would like to book private sessions on-site. Please contact us for more details about this course

If you are interested in finding out more about Alexander Technique and its benefits you can watch this video published by the British Medical Journal in 2010 summarizing a study on back pain: Alexander´s Technique for back pain

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