Nutritional Coach

dc-8880Do you need some help and inspiration with your eating habits at the office to sustain your energy levels throughout the day? Or do you want some support and guidance managing your weight successfully?. BeeWellness offers you the possibility of nutition consultations at the workplace.

The BeeWellness nutritional coaches are degree-trained in Nutritional Therapy and look at each client individually in a holistic way. They will help you understand the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you and how to implement the changes to sustain positive results in your energy level and vitality over time.

In these sessions you can ask general questions about health, diet and wellbeing, specific questions about your own eating habits and health concerns, or discuss how dietary change could support you in physical training or addressing diagnosed medical conditions.  If you are unsure and want to discuss whether a one to one consultation would be useful for you please contact us at  

These sessions can be booked as part of the Office Food Assessment for the whole office, after our popular Nutri Lunch Talks  or as one-to-one private sessions

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