BeeWellness On-site Assessments

Workstation Assessment

workstation assessmentWorkstation assessments are a legal requirement for companies. We will help you comply with the DSE workstation assessment regulations. Our fully qualified assessors will give each member of your team a personalised one-to-one workstation assessment at their computer.

BeeWellness assessments also focus on the key elements of healthy workstation practices that increase the energy & performance of your employees. We also suggest the Postural Awareness workshop for all the members of the team to expand and sustain overtime the benefits of the one-to-one workstation assessment.

Our one to one workstation assessments include:

  • correct positioning and posture at the workstation for optimum health, energy & performance
  • correct positioning of phone, mouse, keyboard and other workstation items for optimum health, energy & performance
  • correct healthy workstation environment for optimum health, energy & performance
  • one-to-one personalised advice for healthy workstation practices for health, energy & performance
  • special cases e.g. injuries, health problems & pregnancy can be identified and catered for
  • employees are taught some simple desk stretches to reduce neck, back & shoulder tension
  • employees receive free information about how to keep healthy & energised at their computer

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Office Food Assessment & Revampeating at work

Would you and your team like some help and inspiration getting some good quality foods and snacks in the office? Food is one of the indispensable fuels for your body and brain and the quality of the fuel does affect the performance of your engine.

Staff often say they find the information from the BeeWellness Nutri Talks enlightening, but after the talks would like better access to the right food and drinks on site in the workplace. We can bring our nutritional expert to assess the food and drinks available in the company meeting room, trolley, café or restaurant and produce a document with novel, well-researched and evidenced, delicious food and drinks to put in place so staff can eat the right way for their health.

If we are surrounded by others drinking green tea and eating pumpkin seeds and almonds, we are more likely to do these ourselves. And our expert will explain why it makes sense to embark in the proposed new food choices. Sometimes just knowing the impact an oat cake might have on your concentration and cravings compared to half a packet of Digestives can make a huge difference!

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